Congratulations to the 2014 YWE Award Winners!

IMG_4594-EditAlina Gabdrakhmanova

Subsea Project Engineer,


Alina is a Subsea Project Engineer at WorleyParsons, currently seconded to TransCanada Pipelines for the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project. Alina is being recognized as a key member of their team, bringing “leadership, drive and determination” and is considered “vital for collaboration between various groups and building sustainable relationships to ensure efficient delivery of the project”. She has both offshore and onshore experience on major energy projects, and is praised for her technical and project management skills. She is actively engaged in furthering the industry as the current President of the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC).

Congratulations, Alina!


I am very passionate about the work that the Young Women in Energy are doing and the issues they are addressing which culminated in this meaningful award. Promoting diversity in the workplace and increasing female leadership in the energy industry is close to my heart, and I felt privileged to meet so many other women who care about this and have high expectations of themselves and others.

Here are several things I took away from my experience with the YWE award:

  • The application process, the award itself and all the post-award events and engagements were very well organized, the whole process was easy and lots of fun. I really appreciate all the efforts put in by the organizers to make our experience so enjoyable.
  • It has been an amazing opportunity to expand my network and meet like-minded people who inspire you to be better, work harder and never stop learning.
  • It was a great benefit to the organization I'm involved in (Young Pipeliners Association of Canada): not only did we organize a joint event with YWE, one of the award winners got involved on our board in Edmonton as a result.
  • And lastly, if you are considering applying, stop overthinking it and just do it. Your work deserves recognition and those long hours you put in will pay off.

Andrea Grant

Management Consultant,


As a Management Consultant at Stratos, Andrea supports oil and gas companies, industry associations and government clients to integrate environmental and social factors into their decision making processes. She has provided substantive advice and management services to federal and Alberta government agencies responsible for energy policy and energy regulation. She is commended for her roles in designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops with various energy organizations groups, including Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), the Canadian Energy Strategy Secretariat and the Alberta Energy Regulator by managing multi-stakeholder initiatives. She is recognized for her ability to make connections - individually and through her volunteer work as past President of Connecting Environmental Professionals Calgary.

.Congratulations, Andrea!


I was honoured to be recognized with a 2014 YWE Award.  For me, being an award winner has meant meaningful connections, an executive mentorship opportunity, and recognition of my work.

The set of YWE Award winners is diverse, made up of women working to “change the face of energy” from a range of professions and perspectives.  Connecting with these women was one of the many benefits of this award, and I look forward to us continuing to supporting each other’s ambitions. 

Executive Mentorship:
Being a YWE Award winner has meant that I have been given an executive mentorship opportunity that I could not have easily accessed on my own.  I am grateful for my mentor’s fresh perspective, her advice, and her willingness to introduce me to others who can help me advance my career.

As a management consultant specializing in sustainability, I was pleased that YWE chose to recognize my work to address environmental and social issues in the energy sector.   Thanks the promotional work of YWE, I have been profiled in the media, and my work has been promoted to my peers and to the energy industry more broadly.

I strongly encourage fellow young leaders in the energy sector to apply for a 2015 YWE Award.


Anne Harding

Sr. Advisor, Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations,
Suncor Energy

In her role as Senior Advisor, Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations at Suncor Energy, Anne is commended for her “reputable intuition, tenacious work ethic and authentic spirit that precede her humble and endearing nature, both in and out of the boardroom”. With a Masters degree in Corporate-Aboriginal Relations, she is recognized for “advancing social prosperity, community engagement and Aboriginal relations, inspiring critical change while directly contributing to Suncor’s sustainability”. As President of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2 Canada), Anne is considered “a role model to colleagues young and old with her drive, ambition, compassion, and ability to involve others and encourage those she works.

Congratulations, Anne!



It was an honour to be recognized with a YWE Award. Not only has winning the award connected me with like minded women at different organizations, but it has also helped me build my network by pairing me with a great industry mentor. I have also received far more recognition than I ever expected within my own company, which has raised my profile and connected me with meaningful conversations about the role of young women in the energy sector. Thank you to YWE for this important recognition and excellent program!

Brittney Ramsay

Britt Land Services

As President of Britt Land Services, Brittney Ramsay was given the task of transitioning the company into a vibrant, technology savvy, culture focused, new era Land Services company. She is recognized for her ability to lead the company to provide exceptional service for their clients, specific mention to her “adept interpersonal skills, integrity and consistency”. She is recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and considers herself “energized to see other people succeed”. Brittney is commended for her “level of commitment, depth of character and unparalleled leadership skills” along with her strong network of contacts within the Land industry. Brittney is also an active member of CAPL, IRWA, CAPLA, CPSA & the Calgary Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Congratulations, Brittney!


Being nominated and then chosen for a YWE Young Women in Energy Award is, well, really cool. It’s an empowering and meaningful award – recognizing the contributions women make to the energy sector, their teams, companies and communities. I’m proud of our team and the connections & contributions we have made, to have YWE recognize this and connect me with inspirational and driven women has been, and still is, a great experience. This award brings to light the importance of creating a space where women are not only recognized as leaders and role models but can connect and create a community with other women. It’s an achievement that I celebrated with my whole team and has been a jumping off point for some great conversations within our team, and externally. The mentorship aspect has been a huge help, my mentor is a guru in sales & marketing – an area I love and am interested in growing in. He’s brought forward some helpful ideas that I can implement right away. This is an experience I would not have had without winning the YWE Award. I’m incredibly thankful and humbled to have been chosen for this award.


Chelsey Reschke

Vice President, Coating Division
Keymay Industries

As VP of Coating Operations for Keymay, Chelsey leads the bidding process, the field crews daily progress, the division’s business development. She is recognizing for taking charge of “research and development of a fully automated joint coating unit that will take the guess work out of what is now being done by hand”. She has achieved the highest level of certification for her field- NACE CIP Level 3 and operates with a enhanced level of quality. Chelsey believes that better coating applications will support better pipeline integrity and safer pipelines, therefore improving social, environmental and economic benefit. She is commended with a high level of “commitment not only to the work, but also the determination to succeed as a game changer in her field”.

Congratulations, Chelsey!


Being involved in the YWE awards has been a revitalizing experience. It’s great to have found a truly high-quality network where the connections that you make produce real results. I met women who reinforce my belief that the energy industry is changing—that there is a place for women at the executive, decision-making level. We lean on each other, share our connections, exchange advice and enjoy each other’s company. While there's comradery there is also that gentle nudge to pull up your socks and keep going-- it's a reminder there are women out there who are hustling hard and that you have to keep pushing. I really like that; it's inspiring and keeps me motivated. The mentor that I am working with has taught me more about business than I’ve learned from any seminar or course and has helped me make great strides in some projects I’ve been developing. The award itself was meaningful and brought light to the work we are doing at Keymay, but the experience as a whole has taken me to a whole new level in my career. I look forward to meeting the future generations of award recipients and discovering what unique qualities and experiences they have to share with us.


Chidinma Thompson

Sr. Associate,

In addition to her role as Senior Associate at BLG, Chidinma is the first Doctor of Law from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law.  Her Doctorate research focused on the socio-economic challenges of large scale energy development, studying Alberta's oil sands resources as a case with a view to finding solutions to the infrastructure and labour shortage inhibiting energy development. Her Master of Laws research studied joint development and unitization of offshore oil and gas resources at international boundaries with a view to finding amicable resolution of energy-related boundary disputes. She is extremely well regarded by both clients and colleagues and is commended for her “passion for the energy sector, thirst for knowledge, and her desire to give back with a goal of building relationships within the community.”

Congratulations, Chidinma!


"The recognition of my achievements, the exposure in the energy industry, the respect from colleagues and clients, the quality mentorship, the friendships and networking opportunities... The YWE Award has skyrocketed my career and there is simply no limits on the height I can attain."

Christina Pilarski

Manager Campaigns,
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

As Manager of Campaigns for CAPP, Christina believes campaigns can motivate a movement of individuals that feel empowered to speak in support of Canada’s energy. She is praised for her “maturity, strategy and organization” while implementing multi-faceted and complex digital and outreach campaign programs. Christina is an “articulate and convincing advocate” who “educates and advances the mutual interests of the energy industry and the public”, and is looking to challenge the status quo of what it means to support industry. Christina is considered a “pivotal part of CAPP’s success in communications, including acting as bridge-builder who fosters meaningful collaboration between CAPP and other economic and resource trade coalition groups.”

Congratulations, Christina!


I am so proud to be a Young Women in Energy Award winner.

 Being awarded the 2014 Young Women in Energy Award has provided me with opportunities to further expand my network and develop relationships with peers across the energy sector. The mentorship I have received as a part of the award and the doors that have been opened to me as a 2014 recipient are invaluable.

 The award itself is a symbol of my hard work and dedication to our vital energy sector. I proudly display it in my place of work and use it as a constant reminder to keep pressing forward to reach my goals and make a true impact in the industry.

 Receiving the award also provided the ability to further brand myself and the work I’ve accomplished through the professional head shots, magazine feature, and continued admission to future YWE events.

 The Young Women in Energy Award is more than just a line item on your resume; the award represents the incredible group of young women that work tirelessly to keep the energy sector thriving, innovative, and relevant. I am honored to be considered one of those women and look forward to being a part of a growing network of remarkable young females in this industry.

Holly Turner

Functional Excellence Lead, Finance,
ConocoPhillips Canada

As Functional Excellence Lead, Finance at ConocoPhillips, Holly is recognized as a “consummate professional, who facilitates teamwork and collaboration and brings out the best in those around her”. She is praised for her energy towards leadership and continuous improvement and has a tremendous capacity to establish buy-in and influence senior management. “Holly consistently sets her company and its people up for success, she’s an impactful and impassioned leader and worthy of the award.” She is commended for effectively managing projects that are cross-functional, intricate, and emotional while adhering to scope and timeline.

Congratulations, Holly!



Receiving an YWE Award has been such an honour - one that has validated and brought light to the leadership style and strategic focus within my company that I have been striving towards. But more importantly, it has opened up the door to so many other opportunities that have, and will continue, to help me grow in my career.

I have had the pleasure of enhancing my network through YWE by attending various events they offer, which has provided the opportunity to build peer to peer connections. Each connection I have made has created new ideas that I am able to apply to my personal and professional life, producing tangible, exciting results. I continue to be inspired by the people I meet, their experiences, and their leadership capabilities – the women in this network are top-notch! Everyone is very supportive, with genuine intentions, as we all work towards the same goal – to establish women as an integral part of the energy business, at all levels and disciplines.

One of the biggest benefits of being a recipient of this award is the mentorship pairing. My mentor is the perfect match for me – she has helped me overcome hurdles, balance my work and life, and offers up some great inspiration to help me see different views on the horizon.

 I look forward to meeting future recipients, to pay it forward with support and mentorship, and to work together as YWE members to continue building this platform for all young women in our industry.

Jacqueline O’Toole

Operations Engineer,
Husky Energy

As Operations Engineer for Husky Energy, Jacqueline is being recognized for her ability to lead project and operational multi-disciplinary project and operational teams to improve environmental and economic performance, as well as bring together collaborative solutions that are critical to a project’s success. Her Masters degree in Civil Engineering with a focus in Project Management has her researching fundamentals of lump-sum contracting in the oil and gas industry. Her recent accomplishment as Forum Chair for the North American Women in Energy Forum demonstrates her commitment to share knowledge and raise awareness that female leaders, both emerging and incumbent, have the vision and skills to play a major role in realizing the potential of the Energy Sector. She has participated in Husky’s Emergent Leaders Program and received Husky’s CEO Award of Excellence.

Congratulations, Jacqueline!


"We work in a very challenging industry, with exceptionally accomplished peers. Being recognized by members of our energy community has been an incredible honour, for which I am very grateful. The award has brought with it more benefits than I had ever anticipated.

 The recognition has brought me increased visibility within my own organization and has propelled my career forward in excellent strides. The connections I have made, with the talented members of the Young Women in Energy network, have yielded some of the best and most unexpected benefits. These are women who will one day lead the energy sector, at the strategic decision-making level. Their friendship, advice, passion-projects, and career accomplishments keep me energized and motivated to fully engage in my own career and outside pursuits. The mentor I am working with has been invaluable for her insight into building the foundations of a fulfilling career. She has offered great advice into the experience and exposure needed to achieve a rewarding career trajectory. I am so happy to have her in my corner.

 I am eager to meet the next round of recipients and am excited for them to experience all the great benefits of being recognized through this award. I hope, in the future, we will all have the opportunity to mentor an emerging female leader and help her navigate the challenges of our dynamic energy industry."

Jennifer Winter

 Associate Director, Energy and Environmental Policy,
The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

As the Associate Director, Energy and Environmental Policy, Jennifer is increasingly becoming the public face for the School of Public Policy and will lead it through an increasingly complex thicket of public policy and emerging economic markets. With a Ph.D. in Economics, Jennifer is commended for combining “rigorous academic insight with nuances of the energy industry”. She is recognized for “discipline, hard work and endless curiosity can excel here. Jennifer is praised for “mentoring others in the field, shouldering increasing responsibility in directing research in diverse areas, and in short is not only changing the face of the industry, but helping to redefine its goals”. Jennifer also serves on the board of the World Petroleum Council Canada Youth Committee.

Congratulations, Jennifer!


Being recognized with the Young Women in Energy award has been meaningful beyond the award itself. First and foremost, it has connected me with a network of very impressive and talented ladies. We have different backgrounds and interests, but share a passion for excellence. I have attended valuable networking and professional development events through YWE, and was connected with an amazing mentor. The mentoring program is a huge benefit of the award, and my mentor has helped me develop myself professionally in many ways. I am very grateful to have been a recipient, and thankful to be involved with such a great organization.