Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.55.14 PMCatherine Ford

Catherine Ford retired in 2004 from her day job as a national columnist at the Calgary Herald. In her 40-year career as a journalist, Catherine was Associate Editor of the Calgary Herald for eight years and, prior to that, the paper's editorial-page columnist. She joined the Herald as a reporter in 1964 and has worked on newspapers across Canada. She was awarded a Southam Fellowship for study at the University of Toronto and subsequently worked for Southam News as the Ontario Correspondent, based in Toronto. Ford is the winner of ten Western Ontario Newspaper Awards, including the Joan May Trophy for columnists; is a National Media Award winner for the Canadian Association for the Advancement for Women and Sports and holds an International Fire Fighters' media award. She is a frequent television and radio commentator and has written monthly columns for En Route magazine, Calgary Magazine and Apple.

Her non-fiction book, Against The Grain:  An Irreverent View of Alberta was published in 2005 to acclaim and a position on the best-seller lists.  The book was published in paperback in 2006.

She has an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary; is a recipient of the Freedom of Expression award and the Bob Edwards Award.