Alicja Pawlak

Sr. Environmental Advisor, Imperial

Describe a typical day

I find that at Imperial, no day is really a typical day. I get to work on so many different tasks and topics, from site specific groundwater challenges and regional hydrogeology, which is my predominant role, to innovation and promoting a collaborative and efficient mindset in the workplace. The range of topics that I have been involved with are endless, which makes it really exciting to come to work!


Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

What I really enjoy about my company is that there is always a lot of challenging work in a variety of disciplines, and that there are opportunities to work in different areas of the company, including globally. I am in a technical role where I work on groundwater and have been able to learn about environmental challenges around the globe and connect with experts both within and outside of the company.

The other thing that I love is that at Imperial I am able to make my work what I want it to be. As mentioned, I am in a technical role, however I have also expanded my role into promoting innovation and continuous improvement which is a passion of mine. I get the opportunity to work with so many engaging and fun individuals!

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

My proudest accomplishment at work is bringing together people with a similar passion for innovation and continuous improvement to make a large impact. The possibilities are endless when a diverse group of positive people are brought together.

Outside of work, I like to try different crafty things, with pottery being the most recent. I’m proud of where I started a few years ago, to where I am now. I was even able to make a teapot!

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

I work in the environmental field, so to me the future will see even more innovative solutions in sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. We are in some challenging times with both the economy and changing regulations, and as we get challenged there is an opportunity to become more creative in the solutions.

Current community involvement efforts.

My community involvements have been with United Way, which I’ve really enjoyed being a part of. United Way contributes directly to the community we live in, and I’ve got to got to be a part of several different activities. Whether it’s been helping to build a playground, distributing food and products, painting a school, creating a haunted house, or decorating a community center for the holidays – all of them have been a great experience to build and support our community!


Why YWE?

Anytime that you can get together with other young professionals in the energy industry is a great opportunity to expand your network and get to know other intelligent individuals. Even better to support and work with other women in the industry!


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