Aryn Flette

Landman, Crescent Point Energy Corp.
Describe a typical day
My day usually starts off scanning the news and investor updates for competitor activity and energy transactions. I have two major areas I focus on with my technical asset team; managing our current land base and scoping new acquisition targets. With our current land base, I ensure we have the mineral access required for our drilling locations by executing pooling or joint operating agreements with partners, managing lease expiries, freehold leasing, and purchasing land at crown landsales. We are constantly planning 5 years out for the budget. At Crescent Point, we always have multiple acquisition evaluations on the go. I am involved in scoping and identifying the prospect with the asset team, negotiating the purchase price off our internal economic evaluation, writing the agreement (sale, farmin/farmout, swap or joint venture), coordinating all title and environmental due diligence, closing documents and seeing the acquisition through to the closing date. I continually network to build strong relationships with both internal Crescent Point employees and with external stakeholders in order to manage all moving parts to ensure a smooth transaction.
Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.
I enjoy the small company feel that Crescent Point has kept through its growth, particularly the access/involvement of the technical team in decision making at the executive level. We are extremely active and fast paced and it is rewarding to present to the executives and be in discussions as to the direction we all want to take the asset. This creates a sense of ownership as we understand how these decisions affect the corporate metrics. At Crescent Point, my VP Land, Land Manager and Team Lead are all strong female leaders and consistently show that females can and will continue to excel in land. They are all approachable and are always open to providing direction and mentorship.
Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.
I am most proud of my transition into my own negotiating asset area where I had full responsibility and successfully completed my first large acquisition; all within my first year of being a Landman. I was able to build respect from my asset team (Geologists, Engineers & Geophysicist) and proved to myself that my work ethic and desire to learn will continue to help me succeed. Outside of work, I am proud of the training I had to do to complete the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon last summer. It was both a physical and mental challenge for me, but I finished and to top it off, I ran it under my goal time!
Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.
Challenging, but yet exciting. With capital programs and drilling operations being cut, landmen, more than ever are being pushed to create value through deals with limited capital or to seek out attractive acquisition targets. This is the time to acquire if possible, sell assets to redirect capital and be creative with deals such as assets swaps, which consolidate land positions without spending.
Current community involvement efforts.
Community involvement is a large part of my life. For years, I have volunteered at the Calgary Food Bank two nights a month with a group of former colleagues. We use this volunteer time as a way to keep in touch and spend time together while engaging in something productive, rather than just meeting for dinner or drinks. I also sit on the Branchout Foundation Bike Tour committee as a volunteer coordinator. This is a 100km bike tour in Panorama held yearly to raise funds and awareness for neurological diseases. This committee is amazing, as is the bike tour weekend. It’s refreshing to be involved with a young, energetic committee that is able to raise substantial funds and create awareness. Within the land community, I am a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) and am a committee member for both the curling and golf tournaments. I’m involved in these activities because I find sports to be the easiest way for me to network and spend time building new relationships.
Why YWE?
YWE is a platform for the continued evolution of women in the industry. Women need to build each other up, and there is no better way than to work on your networking skills and learn among a group of talented, educated and intelligent ladies.
What are you reading?
Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Daniel G Amen – This was recommended by Carolyn Lawrence, CEO of Women of Influence, in her January 5, 2015 blog. It has some good techniques to calm negative thoughts that tend to creep in to our minds. I’m also currently listening to the Serial (This American Life) podcast. I’d suggest this for any road trip this summer- this review of a true murder case sparked some good discussions for me.