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Why Join

We are about the quality of our members - not quantity.

YWE is organically building an authentic community where members join because they are genuinely interested in connecting with and learning from peers.

Membership Criteria

  • Female
  • Work in energy (directly for or with energy companies including service providers, legal counsel, communications, finance and technical professionals, etc.

Member Benefits

  • YWE has taken a direct approach tailored to our specific demographic: YWE connects our members with the right people, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Our network includes key members of the industry’s future leaders from energy company employees to suppliers, legal counsel, service providers and recruiters. Members have the opportunity to build value-add, sustainable relationships in-person and online that will prove useful for a present and future career in Energy.
  • When it comes to mentoring, our motto is 'for young women, by young women'.
  • YWE offers exclusive Peer Mentoring to connect like-minded women and avoid potentially disconnected conversation that can happen between different generations and industries.
  • YWE has flipped the conventional concept of mentoring on its head – instead of top down, it is peer to peer offering a more organic approach to mentoring.
  • We've all been there and can agree that a casual chat with a peer can be helpful. If nothing else, it is a great way to get tapped in to the industry and group of like-minded women.
  • How does it work? To set up a peer mentoring session, head to our Members Directory page and check out the YWE member profiles. When you find a member who interests you, connect and work out a casual meeting with the other member.
  • As members, the website offers access to a social networking site, where you can seek out women in the industry, with similar  interests or sought after expertise.
  • YWE's Profile Service offers members a profile to showcase their CV. Our membership directory functions as a multi-purpose platform where members can connect with each other while recruiters, companies and service providers also have access to this specific demographic.

  • YWE provides its members with super speaker series, panel discussion and networking activities featuring key industry professionals and contemporary topics of discussion.