Kiely MacLean YWE FP

Kiely MacLean

General Manager, RJ Oil Inc., and CEO and Partner, RJ MacLean Tank Services

Describe a typical day

A typical day for me is anything but typical.  What I love about my job and about the business is not knowing what is next; yesterday I was in the field helping to commission our robotic equipment and today I am focused on strategic planning and business development.  Tomorrow I might be meeting with clients, developing budgets or financial statements, dabbling in HR or on the shop floor learning about our fabrication, quality control or working with our engineering division.  I enjoy having a hand in so many aspects of the business.  As a small company I get the opportunity to be involved in all the different areas of the company on a day to day basis, which is really enjoyable and I am learning constantly.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

We have a great team at both RJ Oil and RJ MacLean and I feel fortunate to have skilled and knowledgeable people to learn from; and to have support and guidance from our Director and President at RJO and partners in RJM who constantly challenge me to think outside the box.   Most of all, I am pleased to be a part of a small company that is taking an innovative approach to making a significant difference in the industry long-term.

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

My proudest professional accomplishment was leaving an attractive position with another company to start MaClean Tank Services with my business partner in 2012. The first year was really tough, but this lead to the managerial opportunities with RJ Oil in 2014 and eventually the inception of RJ MaClean this year. I am extremely proud of our success to date and the team we’ve built.  In my personal life I am proud of the relationships I have with family and friends. Despite being scattered all over the globe, everyone makes the effort to see each other and connect regularly.  My fiancé lives in Vancouver, we see each other on weekends, although I wish he was here during the week I am proud of his career and feel fortunate we both have the opportunity to pursue what inspires us.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

The RJO side is focused on taking an innovative remediation solution for oil and water separation to the market. We provide technology that recovers oil and recycles the water from waste streams while reducing the environmental impact.  On the RJM tank cleaning side we provide robotic solutions to avoid putting workers inside the tank during the cleaning process.  We provide an all-encompassing approach to tank cleaning through automation, and believe this and other innovative technologies will replace traditional tank cleaning methods over the next five years, particularly in Canada.

The RJM automated solutions work in sync with the RJO remediation technology to recover the oil, recycle the water and process solids from waste streams.  This reduces the need for disposal of waste products, which is both cost effective and environmentally responsible.  I think the Energy Industry is naturally moving in this direction and as water issues become more prevalent, and I think it will be increasingly critical that industry stakeholders understand the significance of this responsibility.

Current community involvement efforts.

I am involved with both Junior Achievement and Futurepreneur, both which help young people to get involved in business and entrepreneurial endeavors. I am also a certified fitness instructor for youth.  In 2013, I pursued my Master’s in Certificate in Project Management and once I become PMI certified there are Project Management events throughout the year where I will be able to contribute these skills as well.

Why YWE?

In my time in the energy industry I have not had the opportunity to work directly with any women at the field level and only a handful at the corporate level.  I joined YWE to meet young women involved in the same industry and to get some perspective on their roles and fit in Alberta energy.  YWE is an amazing outlet, it is a comfortable place to get advice and chat about issues; the members really build each other up and support one another.   The first time I attended an event I left feeling invigorated and motivated to push forward.  Not only that, I left with tangible solutions and a stack of business cards for support and networking.  Keep in mind, you can join YWE even if you are based outside of Calgary.  I live in Edmonton and attend events when I can and have the support via email, social media etc.   Even as I write this I am in the field, so don’t hesitate to join if you live or work in a remote area.  YWE is a place to access resources, mentors and friends from anywhere.

What are you reading?

Right now I am reading Joseph Boyden’s ‘the Orenda’ which is a Canadian novel.  I am also an avid Harvard Business Review reader, because the articles are quick to read but provoke and suggest innovative solutions for business, great reading for the plane! When I started my current job I read ‘the first 90 days’ which I highly recommend to anyone starting a new position, changing roles or even just to help develop leadership skills and understanding in your current role.