Mindy Peryk

Regional Human Resources Manager, Rosen

Describe a typical day

Every work day for me is representative of why I chose Human Resources as a career and why I am committed to remaining in this industry. I learn and grow from each task and situation that I encounter day to day. My responsibilities vary from hiring the right people, creation and implementation of HR policies and programs, employee relations, providing tools, guidance and resources to managers and employees, to ensuring everyone gets paid and has access to advanced benefits – with a focus on continual improvement as the company grows significantly year over year. The work is always interesting and challenging. I’m excited to wake up each and every day and get started, and sometimes have a hard time turning it off at night.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

My current company is a naturally innovative employer with a very strong focus on people. The ‘can-do’ culture is contagious and our very low turnover speaks volumes. Well known internationally for being a global provider of cutting-edge technology related to pipeline integrity and keeping pipelines safe, their vision, mission and values truly guide and encourage top performance and I am honored be part of their team. In my role I have the ability to work with amazing people locally and internationally and have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and expertise every day.

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

One of my proudest work related accomplishments is the significant contribution to the award of Alberta’s Best Workplaces 2008 during my employment with a former employer. Starting out a few years prior with an organization struggling with employee engagement issues and lagging attraction and retention, to an organization that went beyond industry standards and implemented an array of innovative human resources practices that resulted in committed employees, minimal turnover and candidates lined up at the door to join our team.

My proudest non-work related accomplishment would be the recent birth of our son, for whom we waited a very long time to join our family. Being able to remain focused on my career while being the best mom I can be to him leaves me overjoyed each and every day.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

More pipelines are needed in Canada to support increasing global and domestic needs, however an increased focus on the environment and political involvement is providing apt conditions for opposition, which relating to Human Resources may negatively impact youth perception of a career within the industry. A continued increase in public outreach by energy companies and governments will optimistically curb the rising opposition to pipelines, and support maintenance of current youth interest in pursuing a career in the industry. Interesting and exciting times - I’m very optimistic about the future of our industry and employers ability to attract & retain people resources.


Current community involvement efforts.

I am a strong supporter of Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force (ASNTF). My husband and I have fostered over 25 puppies, dogs, cats and kittens over the past few years which is such a rewarding experience and I recommend it to anyone. We try to volunteer when we can and attend the annual fundraisers ritually. I am passionate about animal welfare, which is why we probably ended up with 3 dogs and 3 cats of our own at one point.


Why YWE?

I’ve always tried to maintain a strong network of colleagues related to Human Resources, as well as Engineering, and was looking for an opportunity to connect with others within the Energy industry when I came across YWE. It seems like a unique opportunity to learn and grow from other female professionals and I am excited about the networking events sponsored by YWE.

What are you reading?

Although a few years old, I came across it and was intrigued. A book called ‘A thousand Barrels a Second’, which discusses the coming oil break point and the challenges facing an energy dependent world. It’s an interesting examination of our past, present and future “addiction” to oil and the author’s views on predictable modifications based on innovation. Parenting magazine has also become a new favorite read since becoming a mom!