Morgan Craig-Broadwith_YWE FP

Advisor, Health Services, ConocoPhillips Canada

Describe a typical day

6:00 AM – I awake to my “Silk” alarm tone.

6:17 AM – Coffee in my favourite and most colourful mugs...

Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you to read a play-by-play of my day – it would be pretty boring. I’d rather give you a mish mash of all my most awesome days combined into one; so here I go.

I connect with ConocoPhillips’ employees across Alberta to better understand their health and wellness needs, concerns, and ideas for the future. Armed with this information I have the opportunity to build new programs or hone existing ones. This ranges from biometric screening clinics to global wellness campaigns (we must beat the U.S.A. at all costs), to the management of our substance abuse program.

Most recently, I have developed and delivered stress management and resiliency training to support our staff through this uncertain economic period. Over 750 staff have participated and we plan to expand and tailor the session to leaders. Furthermore, we hope to leverage this opportunity to launch a mental health strategy for ConocoPhillips Canada. The appetite for this information has been astounding.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.
  1. Access to 32 fitness classes every week (in our basement…for free…) and the opportunity to attend at least one class per day.
  2. Working with incredibly talented and fun (also funny) people.
  3. Working in a psychologically safe environment that supports, encourages and mentors its people (ConocoPhillips seriously rocks)!
Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

To have shared a small part of my experience with chronic stress (embedded in my stress management presentation), without fear that my peers, boss, her boss, or any member of senior leadership will view or treat me differently. Even more satisfying is the fact that many people have let me know that they found meaning in the presentation; an added bonus.

Outside of my current role, starting my own small business in Ontario (let me be clear, it was very small) prior to moving to Alberta was a challenging and daunting task, but I’m very proud that I took the risk. Also, becoming a Zumba instructor with no prior dance training was fun…well, except for my poor husband who had to listen to songs on repeat while I practiced in our loft style condo.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

My fear is that support services often get cut during tough times, but my hope, and I’m seeing this happen right now, is companies understand and fully accept the critical nature of health and wellness services, especially during tough times. Quite honestly, the need for health services and wellness initiatives will only continue to increase – more people, more stress, more disease, and of course, more awareness. If we want our staff to remain safe at work and return to their families, we need to do everything we can, within our scope, to ensure staff are well and therefore, safe at work.

Current community involvement efforts.

I volunteer at the Calgary Food Bank with my husband on the “line”. I recently was responsible for condiments, which requires the stuffing of either 4, 6, or 8 different condiments into a grocery bag before the bin moves down the conveyor belt to the next volunteer on the “line”. I tell you, it’s intense.

I’m also launching a community peer mentorship program with the not-for-profit, Women In Need Society (WINS). To start, I will teach Zumba classes at the Kensington Resource Centre to local residents with the hope of inspiring a participant to become an instructor themselves. I will fund their training and mentor them to become an independent instructor who will hopefully continue the inspiration cycle. I look forward to seeing how this program evolves to include new people and new ideas.

Why YWE?

Who would pass up the opportunity to hang out with intelligent, sharp, spirited young women? No one, I tell you, no one.

I also love chatting and discussing books, which is why I joined the YWE Book Club and have recently taken over the facilitation of the group. I owe a big thank you to another YWE member, Marta Di Napoli, who made the introduction.

What are you reading?

Yes Please by Amy Poehler, but I recently finished the Orenda by Joseph Boyden and it was haunting.