Priyanka Karuvelil2

Priyanka Karuvelil

Associate Director, Stakeholder Relations, Alberta Energy

Describe a typical day

There are none! At work, most of my activities fall into three general buckets: engaging with diverse stakeholders, writing about issues (usually to brief the Minister) and thinking about how to remove the social and political barriers that prevent Alberta oil from reaching new markets. Evening hours are usually spent on volunteer work, painting or catching up on news.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

Being able to give back through public service, as I get to be involved in some pretty important files that have a huge impact on Albertans. I also love that the values of the organization align with mine and that I get to see decision-making on energy from the inside.

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

At the Department of Energy, I get to contribute in many meaningful ways; however, the most fun I’ve had was managing a cross-ministerial team on a special project. Managing people and pushing towards a common goal can be challenging but the feeling of satisfaction at completing your goal and sharing it with your team is second to none.

Similarly, some of my proudest accomplishments outside of work have been around leading large teams on campaigns and running conferences.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

The question of how we engage with Aboriginal communities and create best outcomes for all parties involved is one that is on my mind a lot these days. It’s especially pertinent for the energy industry, but also to all of us as Canadians.

Current community involvement efforts.

I’ve always been very involved in my community, mostly in youth and municipal issues, but the involvement that’s the closest to my heart is being on the United World College (UWC) Alberta committee. As a former UWC alumnus, I help select bright young Albertans for an international scholarship that brings together students from over 100 countries to live and learn together to under the mission of uniting for peace and a sustainable future. On a more local level, I’m excited to serve as the co-Chair of this year’s Alberta Energy United Way campaign, and help make Calgary a great city for all.

Why YWE?

I think it’s very exciting to be a part of a group that is based in Calgary but has a national/international reach, on a topic as important as energy. I also love that YWE focuses on a segment of the industry that has traditionally been under-represented. Having women across a large swathe of sectors come together under the banner of energy to support and grow each other is a powerful thing.

What are you reading?

I read a lot of saved articles in my Pocket app, usually on leadership or technology. I’m also reading Three Emperors by Miranda Carter, on the political and personal relationships that led to the start of WWI.