Rebekah Mohr

Security Principal specializing in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, Accenture

Describe a typical day

In a consulting firm, every day is different and depends on the current client and their needs, but the core of each day is leveraging my industry experience to advise clients on best practices for securing their critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, and providing the tools and materials to successfully implement their desired solution.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

Accenture offers endless possibilities of clients, projects and roles, so the perk of this job is that it is not monotonous and every client and project is a vastly different experience, giving me the opportunity to adapt best practice solutions based on the client’s current security culture and organizational maturity.

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

My proudest accomplishment was developing a risk assessment methodology which in part led to receiving the SANS People Who Made a Difference in Cyber Security Award.  Outside of work I feel proud of myself every time I defeat a locked room.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

The energy industry is starting to understand the risks to their critical infrastructure and the necessity of investing in cybersecurity, which has progressed the conversation from why we need ICS Security to what can be done and how it can be implemented.  This continued maturity towards ICS security will eventually give the industry the leading edge in defending against cyber threats.  The energy industry as a whole will become a much less appealing cyber target if the organizational maturity and capabilities for cyber risk management improves across the entire industry.

Current community involvement efforts.

I currently contribute to the community by speaking at local events in an effort to improve awareness and share knowledge about two topics which are close to my heart – women in the technical workforce and ICS Security.  Last year I had the honor of speaking at an International Women’s Day event, and more recently at a local security professionals event.

Why YWE?

I work primarily with men, which is not a problem in and of itself, but it does make it less likely that women will strive for a career like mine because they don’t see the example set for them as frequently.  YWE is an invaluable community for women to connect with other women in the energy industry and for us to band together to support the next generation of women in the energy industry.

What are you reading?

True crime or thrillers (preferably Scandinavian thrillers – I find them to be so much better).