Terri Beaupre

Terri Beaupre

Executive Coordinator & President of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, Vieworx Geophoto Inc.

Describe a typical day

I am usually the first one in the office on a morning. I like to get an early start to ensure that everything is sent a day before its deadline. This includes reviewing time sensitive tasks, responding to emails and taking care of daily billings. I like to meet with my project managers to assess the status of their current projects. If there are any issues with a project, there is a discussion and if needed a strategy is implemented for troubleshooting. The majority of my duties are Human Resources related and together with our project leads and partners, I am able to bring new ideas together and forecast as we grow.

Perks of your job and things you like about your current company.

Currently we have a motivated and efficient team at Vieworx. My team members are very supportive and as a result, a major perk of my job is being able to have the flexibility to pursue both my passion for politics and my drive for my company’s success.

Proudest accomplishments both in and outside of work.

I have several accomplishments I am proud of. I am currently the President of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta.  I developed a passion for politics at the age of 21 (age) and was honored to be voted in this past November 2014.  I am also very proud to be married to my best friend Morgan Beaupre. His love and support has given me the courage to pursue my dreams.

A major accomplishment in the workplace has been expanding my company in an extremely competitive industry. Learning and sharing my knowledge with my motivated team members is an important assets that has contributed to our success.

Thoughts on the future of the industry as it relates to your field.

Currently we have the most efficient and innovative tools and technologies under our roof to provide solutions to our clients.  For example, a study published by Markets and Markets predicts that the LiDAR market worth will be $551.26 Million by 2018. Currently these tools enable us to create proactive strategies during our planning phases which continually increases productivity and efficiency while minimizing risks.  For the future we plan on expanding our applications beyond topographic surveys and energy sectors.

Current community involvement efforts.

Director for Grande Prairie – Wapiti PC Association

Past President of Nitehawk Recreation Area

Why YWE?

Recently joining YWE, I look forward to the opportunities of connecting with other women who are driven and passionate about what they do as well.

What are you reading?

Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg