Mission and Values

Mission For young women, by young women, YWE was founded to champion the interests of young women working in energy.
Values Supportive We act to create a supportive and collaborative environment
Inclusive We deem the key to progression is through engaging both women AND men
Impactful We are driven by value-add, high impact activities and performance
Innovative We are contemporary and creative in thought

Demographic Realities

Turns out we're a pretty rare commodity...

  • In Canada's mining and oil and gas industry, women make up 19% of the labour force, 12% of senior executives, 6% of board directors, and 1% of presidents and CEOs (1)
  • Alberta has the lowest percentage in Canada of women as senior officers in companies.
  • The oil and gas industry has the lowest levels of women at the entry level in those occupations.(2)
  • Since 2010, there has only been a 0.04% increase for women holding senior officer positions in Canadian FP500 companies. (3)

Catalyst Research Image

Sources: (1) 'Why women could save the oil sands', Alix Kemp, Dec 24/12 (2) @Jay Palter, April 24/13