Our Approach

We are the future of energy.

This is a daunting reality. . . scratch that – it is a responsibility.

Our intention is not just to rise through the ranks and climb the corporate ladder, but instead be conscious in our choice and deliberate in our actions. With this we commit to working responsibly, ethically and collaboratively.

We believe it is our responsibility as professionals to act as role models within the industry. To YWE this means engaging both women AND men in the conversation, developing a supportive and inclusive culture and staying informed about the impacts of our businesses.

We are about the quality of our members – not quantity.

YWE is organically building an authentic community where members join because they are genuinely interested in connecting with and learning from peers.

When it comes to mentoring, our motto is ‘for young women, by young women’. YWE has flipped the conventional concept of mentoring on its head – instead of top down, it is peer-to-peer connecting like-minded women and avoiding the disconnected conversation that can happen between different generations and industries.

Join YWE and make the commitment to change the face of energy.